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the shakti mat


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Relaxation in 20 Minutes

The Shakti Mat can help to provide relief from:

     - Back Pain & Neck Pain

     - Stress & Muscle Tension

     - Headaches

While supporting:

     - Deeper, more restful sleep

     - Increased Energy

     - Circulation

How it works
  • Jason shon bennett

    "...I would recommend it as another beneficial tool to help calm, de-stress, unwind and yet subtly stimulate the body. I am a fan!"

  • Glenn Hart Newstalk ZB

    "Here's the crazy thing, I found the after effects to be very similar to a full-on massage... I can honestly say it has relaxed me and helped me sleep"

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  • The Yoga Lunchbox

     "... the entire area floods with warmth and lying on The Shakti Mat begins to feel utterly delicious... Overall, The Shakti Mat has become one of the habits of my daily life"

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