"Shakti School"

Lessons to a better life style

Lesson 1

A Shakti Mat is used for eg: Back and neck pain, Muscle Tension, Stress, Insomnia/difficulty falling asleep, Ease pain, Tension Headache, Pain Relief, For restful Sleep, Increased Energy, Quicker recovery.

Lesson 2

The Shakti Mat increases the blood circulation and stimulates the body to release endorphins (your body's own happiness hormones) that help to bring about a deeply relaxed state.

Lesson 3

"The nails are the point!" The sharpness and the number of points are the most important thing for a nail mat. This is essential for the effectiveness and furthermore your whole experience. Be sure to do it on the high quality Shakti Mat!

Lesson 4

More points give less effect! The Shakti Mat is thoroughly tested to provide the optimum number of points. "Shakti Original" has 6000 effective points and suits most people. Shakti Light is for more sensitive persons and has 8000 points. Shakti Advanced is our toughest mat with only 4000 points. For those who prefers an environmental friendly choise we recommend Shakti Eco with 6000 biodegradable points.

Lesson 5

Your body's sensitivity varies on different parts of your body. Therefore, adjust the mat's effect by using a very thin cloth inbetween. For treating your feet, use a sock on.

Lesson 6

The Shakti Mat is the only acupressure mat with an own independent scientific study. It is also a Best-in-Test winner and has a Guinness World record!

Lesson 7

The Shakti Mat is The modern acupressure mat that started a World-Wide Trend! It is the original contemporary version of the Indian bed of nails with roots in the 5000 year old Vedic tradition (the
practice of attaining perfect balance of body, mind and spirit). The Shakti Mat was created in Sweden where it came to be a huge boom. Today more than 10% of the Swedish population use a bed of nails!

Lesson 8

Shakti combines efficient products with concern for our world: First class points and organic cotton in all our mats and an own charity project in India where women get good working conditions, good salary, meals and healthcare.

Lesson 9

The name and symbols on the mat are carefully chosen to help create a special energy experience.

Lesson 10

The Shakti Mat can be used on your whole body. The only limit is your imagination! Once you have got used to your Shakti, you can use it just as you please!


The Shakti Mats has added values

Meditate to the powerful Shree Yantra!

Place the Shree Yantra in the hights of your eyes, at a distance of approx. 1-1.5 m. Sit down comfortably with straight and relaxed spine. Rest your eyes in the middle of the Shree Yantra and focus on it's triangles. Try to get the feeling of being "drawn into it". Meditate for 20-40 minutes.

Bring harmony to your home!

The yantra-sign at the backside is so much more than just a nice symbol! It is the highly valued "Shree Yantra" from the Ayur Vedic tradition, where it is considered to be very powerful! Hang the mat on the wall between your sessions and let the Shree Yantra bring harmony to your home!


"Welcome to join the Shakti family!"