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Questions and Answers


Is it painful to use the Shakti Acupressure Mat?

During first few minutes it's common to feel a pricking warm sensation
on the areas being affected. But all pain or discomfort is quickly replaced
by a pleasant feeling of relaxation.



For how long and how often can I lie on the Shakti Acupressure Mat?

We suggest that you start with 15 minutes. When more accustomed to
the Shaktimat 20-40 minutes per session is standard. However, it is not
dangerous to exceed the time limit. Many people fall asleep on the mat
and that is perfectly safe. We recommend regular, if possible daily use.



How is the body affected by the Shakti Mat?

It is possible that the Shakti Mat can contribute to the following:

Decrease in pain

Dissolving stress

Increases metabolism

Decreases inflammation



Can the Shakti Mat be washed?

Yes, when needed you can handwash the mat using detergent in luke-
warm water. Allow to hang and drip dry. Avoid washing machines and
tumble dryers as the plastic points may get damaged.



Is the Shakti Mat only to be used on the back?

Nerves branch out from the back to the rest of the body, which means
that a back treatment effects the whole body. However, the mat can be
used on specific 'problem areas' of the body.

(see "How do I use the Shakti Mat?").


Is it appropriate for children to use the Shakti Mat?

Children tend to like it a lot. They calm down and relax.
Try using it at bedtime.



Can people with heart problems use the Shakti Mat?

We cannot recommend the usage to this particular group of people.
Always consult your physician if you have a heart related disease,
before using the Shakti Mat.



Is it good for pregnant women to use the Shakti Mat?

We do not recommend it for pregnant women. Always consult your
midwife before using the Shakti Mat, if you are pregnant.



Can I use the Shakti Mat if I have a skin disease?

The points may feel irritating to sensitive or inflamed skin. You may ease
the sensation by placing a thin cloth between your skin and the Shakti Mat.
You should of course back off and stop the treatment if you feel
you are getting worse.



If you have more questions please email us at
and we will do our best to answer you.